27 May 1984


San Severo (FG), Italy

Favourite Bands

Mayhem, Aborym, Grendel, Immortal, Psyclon Nine, Hocico, Devin Townsend, Front Line Assembly,Suicide Commando, X Fusion, S.A.M, Soman, Xp8, Faderhead, U Recken Astral Projection, S.U.N Project, Digicult, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, DerDrakos,and very much more bands...

What I like

hi tech, super cars (Ferrari, Bmw & Maserati) and chemical weapons (Iprite, Tabun, Soman, Sarin, Zyklon and VX Agents)

What I dislike

all that brings the world down

Former Bands

Cerberus 2000-2002 (Thrash/Black Metal, Drums) . Stygis Delirium 2001-2002 (Black/Death Metal, Drums)


D.A.W m2ne asus motherboard, am2 64 athlon fx, 2 x 500Gb maxtor S-ata2, 8Gb Ram, 2 x 22"LG Flatron, MacBookPro 13" I5 2.3 M-Audio Profire26/26 Tascam DM4000, behringer bcr 2000 midi I/O controller, FX hardware rack: lexicon,tc-eletronic, Spl, Avalon, behringer, zoom, alesisD4 e dm5 drum module. Monitoring:Alesis Mk1 Active MK2, Adam A7, Celestion passive 8" 2,5" 1", Sony TA-790 digital pre-amplifier, Sony TA-790N digital amplifier dolby trhu surround.